Tower Strings Midnight Violin Outfit Review
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Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review (Value On The Dark Side)

It may get your attention with its eye-catching all black finish, but is there quality behind that pretty face? Let’s find out In this this Tower Strings Midnight Violin review.

Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review

Tower Strings Midnight Violin Outfit

4.6 out of 5 stars

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

User Friendliness


Comfortable and reasonably easy to play

Build Quality


Comes with a beautiful black varnish

Sound Quality


Quite good for an entry-level instrument

Value for Money


Right balance of price and quality

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Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review: Can You Really Get More Than You Pay For?

The Tower Strings Violin Outfit is an affordable beginner’s violin that comes outfitted with everything a new player might need. Even better, it’s unique all-black finish is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Tower Strings logo

As a brand, Tower Strings – available through, focuses on creating affordable violins for those that want a good instrument on a limited budget.

Considering they’re delivered fully set up and tested, that extra value alone raises it above the asking price.

In this Tower Strings Midnight violin review, you’ll have your opportunity to find out whether this is the right choice for you, and learn about the instrument’s strongest features.

Who Is this Violin Outfit For?

The Midnight Violin outfit is particularly ideal for novices and adult learners on the first or second level of play.

The package provides all the features they need to motivate them to practice with a beautiful instrument with good sound quality. it also makes a lovely present for children who are just beginning to play the violin.

Moreover, violin novices will surely benefit from using a better instrument such as this in the early days.

Still, for those who want to learn how to play the violin, The Midnight Violin Outfit makes for an excellent start before they’ll need to upgrade to a better instrument.

Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review

What’s Included?

The Midnight Violin outfit comes with everything you need in the first year of playing.

Opening the case, you’ll find a black brazilwood bow and Tower String rosin nestled neatly next to the violin.

Additionally, there’s an excellent shoulder rest, which is useful for long hours of playing, and an ultra-practice mute.

As a part of the standard equipment, you’ll also find a handy digital tuner and a polishing cloth.

Finally, all components come in a lightweight padded case with additional straps, two bow holders, and storage for papers and notes.

Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review

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Tower Strings Midnight Violin Features

If you’re a Suzuki or a NAfME student, the Midnight violin is undoubtedly the right instrument for you.

It’s a 4/4 full-size instrument made from traditional solid spruce and maple tonewoods.

For a more durable finish, the wood is covered with a stunning black varnish that looks like midnight sky, Under intense light, it presents subtle shades of blue.

The underlying construction and wood quality is good being dried for 24 months before the dark finish is added.

Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review
Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review
Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review

The fingerboard and fittings are made from fine quality ebony, with a black carbon tailpiece.

Adding to the overall presentation, even its Asian wood bridge is dyed black, giving the whole instrument a different feel to any other classic violin.

With black accessories, only the string will be visible, which creates a unique experience for the player and the audience.

The effective combination of the rounded bridge and Prelude or Fiddlerman Steel Core strings achieve a clear sound. Considering it’s still a student-level instrument, the overall projection of the violin is very stable.

Midnight Violin Highlights

  • Beautiful all-black finish
  • Great attention to detail
  • Good structure
  • High-quality carbon tailpiece
  • Complete set of accessories
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How to Get the Most Out of It

As mentioned, when you buy this violin through Fiddlershop it arrives fully set and ready to play out of the case.

If you check all the Midnight Violin Outfit reviews, you’ll not only find a lot of satisfied users, you’ll also know exactly what to expect.

Plus, with the help of the company’s excellent support, you can always ask for something specific, like a set of different strings or another bow.

With their expert recommendations and willingness to accommodate, you can end up with a fully customized instrument perfectly suited to your needs.

Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review: Key Points

The Good

      • Solid structure
      • All-black body and accessories
      • Easy to play
      • Good quality accessories

The Not So Good

      • Overall sound could be better

Comparable Products to Consider

The Cecilio CVN 300 is one of the best outfits for beginners that this manufacturer has developed. It comes as a fully equipped instrument with two bows, premium D’Addario Prelude strings, and Cecilio chromatic tuner.

You’ll even have a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects and a solid case for your instrument. Any student would find this outfit perfect, considering the value it brings for a fair price.

Most affordable violins are good for learning the basics, but if you’re eager to start fiddling, you might need a different instrument. The Rockstar Violin Outfit is great for performers that need a reliable instrument that delivers strong sound and projection.

The violin is 4/4, and it has a durable golden finish to prevent any scratches. You can take this instrument to any show or perform outside as it’s an excellent instrument for fiddling.

One of the best recommendations for beginners from Fiddlershop is the Fiddlerman OB1, as it’s an on-budget option for novice musicians. Its best feature is an accurate and textured sound that’s necessary for the progress of every student.

To get a violin of mid- to high-quality in an affordable outfit is possible only in the Fiddlershop, where they can check and enhance its features before it reaches the customer. With several sizes to choose from, if your child is eager to start playing, the Fiddlerman OB1 outfit would be a good choice.

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Wrapping Up, Is the Midnight Violin Outfit Right for You?

If you’ve been shopping around, you know sourcing the best instrument on a tight budget is far from easy, and takes time.

Although more affordable violins look plain, the Midnight Violin Outfit shows that you can indeed get more than what you pay for. Likewise, it is possible to own a stylish modern-looking instrument without having to spend a fortune.

Hopefully, after reading this in-depth Tower Strings Midnight Violin review, you have a better idea of how much this instrument has to offer, especially when the price and many positive reviews are considered.

Tower Strings Midnight Violin Review

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  • User Friendliness
  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


Overall Score:

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