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Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius Violin Review (A Rich History Revisited)

In this Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius violin review we take a close look at a magnificent tribute to one of the most treasured violins in the world. Combining centuries old craftsmanship with top quality materials such as Italian Spruce and Bosnian maple.

Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius Violin Review

Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius Violin

4.7 out of 5 stars

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

User Friendliness


A light instrument with unique measurements

Build Quality


Premium quality wood packed with features

Sound Quality


Bright lively sound, great for solo performances

Value for Money


A beautifully executed first-class instrument

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Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius Violin Review

In this review, we’ll analyze a finely crafted reproduction of a well-known Stradivari from 1714 named by the famous Amedee Soil. This original instrument was later acquired by the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

Made to the same level of exquisite craftsmanship as other Holstein violins, the Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius violin feels unique as soon as you start playing it.

In particular, the Holstein workshop focuses on handcrafted violins that top others with sophistication and detail.

By choosing the best woods like 100+ year-old Bosnian maple and fine quality Italian spruce dried for more than 10 years, professional luthiers create instruments that last for generations.

Since there are no compromises on the build, the Soil Stradivarius violin’s sound is uniquely lively and resonant.


Who Is This Instrument Intended For?

For centuries, many violinists have considered the Soil Stradivarius to be among the best violins ever made. And since this signature violin has a long history of exquisite performances, its replicas are ideal for professional or semi-professional solo or string quartet performances.

Indeed, it’s a violin for well-educated violinists that know how to bring out the violin’s hidden potentials.

If you’re new to the violin, this is not a product that we would recommend. Not only because of its price, but the level of performance technique you’d have to acquire.

It’s not a forgiving instrument unless you know how to properly play it, otherwise you face the steep learning curve required to bring out the instrument’s full potential and character.

Similarly, if you’re a self-taught player or a student, it would be best to consider other violins or violin outfits to help you learn the basics.

Once you master the first few levels, that’s when you can start thinking about updating your equipment and, eventually, getting a new traditional Soil Stradivarius violin.


What’s Do You Get with the Holstein Soil Stradivarius Violin?

Most importantly, you get the Holstein certificate of authenticity that guarantees that your violin is hand-made in their select VSA award-winning workshop by a master luthier.

In the event you need a suitable violin case for it, make sure to include it in your order alongside a new bow and high-quality rosin.

Holstein Soil Stradivarius Violin Features

In terms of structure, the Holstein Soil Stradivarius violin is as mentioned made of wood dried for at least ten years.

The best types of wood are fine Italian spruce for the front and aged Bosnian maple for the violin’s back and ribs.

The fingerboard and fittings are from fine Ebony, and the Despiau “Three Tree” bridge is hand-carved to perfectly fit the instrument.

Thomastik Vision strings are a standard for premium violins, but there are other options if you want a more resonant sound.

If purchasing this violin through Fiddlershop.com, who are well-known for going the extra mile in customer service, they’ll recommend the best possible accessories to uplift your playing experience.

The violin body is light and well-balanced, and the varnish is carefully added to replicate the original, creating a similar tonal clarity.



  • Made from the finest materials
  • Hand-carved and fitted Despiau bridge
  • Complex and lush sound
  • Impeccable fitting process
  • Certificate of authenticity

Getting the Most Out of the Soil Stradivarius

Apart from some minor adjustments, your Holstein Workshop Soil violin will be ready to go, fully set up by Fiddlershop’s in-house luthier staff.

As mentioned, this is not the most forgiving instrument when it comes to technique, but it does allow you to grow and improve significantly.

With a stable chin rest, you’ll have a good posture and be able to play for hours without any back pain.

Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius Violin Review: Key Points

The Good

      • An authentic replica of a well-known violin
      • Antique wood
      • Light and easy to play
      • Agile sound
      • Comes with certificate

The Not So Good

      • Does not come with a bow or case

Comparable Violins for Reference

The overall quality of the Scott Cao 850 violin is significantly more budget-friendly than the Soil Stradivarius. These violins also come from Guangzhou workshops, where some of the best modern violin replicas originate.

The Scott Cao 850 could easily be a second violin for advanced players – a solid starting point for any student or violin novice. It’s worth mentioning that you might have to wait for a few months for it to be ready if you decide to go for a specific model.

For more about Scott Cao violins, you may be interested in this article.

Closer in price to the Holstein Soil, you can find the Ming Jiang Zh 907, an interesting tonewood violin with antique varnish. It’s the right choice for a seasoned player as it’s durable and comes with a lifetime structural warranty.

As a bonus, the Ming Jiang Zhu gives you a lot of freedom to express yourself as it’s a light and comfortable instrument. However, with fine Thomastik Vision strings, you’ll need to find an excellent bow to unleash its potential.

Another option from the Holstein workshops is the Bench Cannone 1743. Along with being a fine replication of another famous masterpiece of an instrument once favored by Nicolo Paganini, it also commands a higher dollar.

Again, Holstein has recreated old techniques that Italian luthiers used to make Il Cannone violin, but added modern touches: one of the finest fingerboards on the market plus a titanium tuner. It is indeed a masterpiece, but if you’re a novice, you might consider other options.

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Final Thoughts on the Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius Violin

As our Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius violin review comes to a close, we’ve hopefully demonstrated that this is a premium quality instrument that excels in any performance.

Not only does it have an exquisite sound, but it outshines other instruments with its craftsmanship and durability. It offers immense value for your money, especially when you consider all the premium features from the careful choice of tonewoods to strings and fittings.

Between the beautiful body and superior sound, it would be hard to find the instrument that gives you more in its particular category.

Of course, should you want a violin with a complete outfit, you might look for other options. Indeed, every professional or advanced learner would very much enjoy practicing on this violin for hours on end.

Holstein Workshop Soil Stradivarius Violin Review

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  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


Overall Score:

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