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Best Electric Violin [For 2021]

What’s the best electric violin for your particular needs? In this comprehensive article, we’ve reviewed a number of fine instruments to help make your choice that much easier.

Best Electric Violin

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Best Electric Violins – Complete Reviews with Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to transition from an acoustic violin or experiment with new play styles, electric violins are the answer. They produce different sounds and are, with many models, a great option if you want to perform some silent practice.

Just like with acoustic fiddles, you can find electric violins in all sorts of colors, materials, and designs. But with so many manufacturers and different instruments, how do you select the right electric violin?

In this article, we’ll go through nine electric violin recommendations and determine the best electric violin you can buy to fit your needs. We’ll also provide you with an electric violin buyer’s guide to help you understand what you should look out for.

Top 9 Electric Violins Compared:


Feature Image


Relative Price


* Best Choice *

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin 4.5 out of 5 stars $$$$


Best Value

Tower Strings Acoustic-Electric Violin Outfit
Tower Strings Acoustic Electric Violin Outfit 4.4 out of 5 stars $$$


Best Budget Model

Cecilio CEVN-1 Electric Violin Outfit
Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin with Ebony... 4.3 out of 5 stars $


Cecilio CVNAE-330 Acoustic-Electric Violin Outfit
Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-330 Ebony Fitted Acoustic/Electric Violin in Antique... 4.3 out of 5 stars $


Kinglos Advanced Electric/Silent Violin Kit
Kinglos 4/4 Black Grid Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent... 4 out of 5 stars $$


Tower Strings Electric Violin Outfit
Tower Strings Electric Violin Outfit 4.4 out of 5 stars $$


Yamaha 4-string Electric Violin YEV-104
Yamaha 4-string Electric Violin YEV-104 4.3 out of 5 stars $$$$


NS Design WAV 4-string Electric Violin
NS Design WAV 4-string Electric Violin 4.4 out of 5 stars $$$$


Stingray WV-SVX5/BK Electric Violin
Wood Violins Stingray WV-SVX5/BK Electric Violin, Galaxy Black 4.5 out of 5 stars $$$$$

The Best Electric Violins In Review

1. Best Choice: Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

The Glasser AEX violin combines acoustics with cutting-edge materials and Bartolini electronics. That makes it one of the best premium candidates on this list.

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

Glasser Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin Overview

The only size you can get for this violin is 4/4. The color options are abundant, and you can choose from nine pearlescent nuances. There are four fine tuners, along with rosin and a polishing cloth. The instrument comes with the Glasser 203SH fiberglass bow.

Additionally, the AEX Carbon Composite violin is powered by Bartolini technology and requires two AAA batteries. The Glasser company also lets you use another outfit for the violin, but you’ll have to pay more.

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

Product Highlights

Naturally, the most attractive feature of the violin is its dual nature. You can play it as an acoustic or electric violin, depending on the effect you wish to accomplish.

The Perfection Planetary pegs ensure quick and easy tuning and provide your instrument with stability. The carbon fiber bridge and soundpost are high-quality elements, too.

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Violin Features

  • Electric and acoustic instrument
  • Easy tuning
  • High-quality bridge and soundpost
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Clear tone

The Good

Scratch-resistant body

Overall, this is a fantastic electric violin. The instrument looks great and delivers an exceptional performance.

The carbon composite body is scratch-resistant and highly durable. This dramatically reduces the risks of open seams and cracks. Extreme temperatures are also not an issue, and you can even play the instrument in the rain.

The amplified tone is clear and precise, and finally, the strings are easy to clean.

The Bad

There’s not much to take away from the violin itself. However, some components could be more reliable. Namely, people have reported that the G-string broke shortly after they purchased the item. But fortunately, this set comes with two such strings.

Glasser AEX Carbon Violin Key Points

What We Like

      • Durable, scratch-resistant body
      • Low risk of cracks and seams
      • Resistance to extreme temperatures and humidity
      • Precise, clear tones
      • Low maintenance strings

What We Don’t Like

      • The G-string can break sometimes

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

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2. Best Value: Tower Strings Acoustic-Electric Violin Outfit

The first entry is an acoustic-electric violin produced by Tower Strings. The model offers some excellent features for its price range.

Tower Strings Acoustic Electric Violin Outfit

Tower Strings Acoustic Electric Violin Outfit

Tower Strings Acoustic-Electric Outfit Overview

The violin has excellent materials, such as carved maple and spruce. It comes in full size and has a 1/4″ jack built into it.

The sports quality ebony fittings, and features a carbon construction tailpiece. Moreover, the violin has fine tuners, steel-core strings, pickup, and built-in tone and volume controls.

Tower Strings Acoustic Electric Violin Outfit

Product Highlights

Considering that this is an acoustic-electric violin, you have the luxury of playing it acoustically or plugging it into your amplifier.

The setup and the accessories are of higher quality than what you usually encounter with violins at this price. There’s also a durable brown finish.

The instrument and all the accessories are backed by a one-year warranty.

Tower Strings Acoustic-Electric Violin Outfit Features

  • Durable finish
  • Steel-core strings
  • Convenient bridge
  • Sturdy case
  • Contains all the necessary accessories

The Good

A durable two-way instrument

The greatest benefit of this violin is its versatility. You get the best of both worlds, given that you can play it as an acoustic and an electric violin, depending on your preferences.

The hand-carved bridge is well-rounded and contributes to your violin’s comfortable playability.

Lastly, the case is lightweight yet exceptionally sturdy. It includes various items, such as bow holders, music pocket, storage compartment, and carrying straps.

The Bad

Since this is a low-end violin, pulling good tones out of it isn’t as easy as on more expensive instruments. Additionally, the steel-core strings won’t deliver a lot of tonal complexity and depth.

Tower Strings Acoustic-Electric Key Points

What We Like

      • Versatility
      • Comfort
      • Lightweight, durable case
      • Includes required accessories

What We Don’t Like

      • Lower quality than high-end violins
      • Lack of depth and tonal complexity

Tower Strings Acoustic Electric Violin Outfit

Check Tower Strings Acoustic-Electric Violin Availability >>

3. Best Budget Model: Cecilio Electric Violin CEVN-1 Outfit

This is another affordable entry with decent features. The manufacturer, Cecilio, sells great electric models, and the following item is a good beginner electric violin.

Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin with Ebony...

Cecilio Electric Violin CEVN-1 Outfit

Cecilio Solidwood Electric Violin CEVN-1 Overview

The size is 4/4, and the instrument comes in metallic red mahogany varnish. The body is made of hand-carved maple, whereas the pegs, chin rest, fingerboard, and tailpiece are ebony.

‘The tailpiece contains four detachable fine tuners. The instrument draws its power from a 9V Alkaline battery included in the package.

Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin with Ebony...

Product Highlights

This instrument enables the players to practice without disturbing other people. The outfit has a 1/8″ output jack you can use to connect the violin to most PA systems or guitar amps.

The volume control allows you to select the ambiance, whereas the line-in jack lets you practice with background tracks.

As for the other components, the bow has real Mongolian horsehair. There’s also a high-quality rosin cake, AUX cable, headphones, and a bridge. The violin comes with a one-year warranty.

Cecilio CEVN-1 Features

  • Mahogany varnish
  • Handy volume control and a line-in jack
  • Mongolian horsehair bow
  • Ebony fittings
  • One-year warranty

The Good

A silent violin available in a range of colors

Overall, the instrument has a strong, sturdy feel to it. It’s a good-quality electric violin with all the items necessary to power it. There are also several color options to choose from.

Furthermore, the model is an outstanding electric violin for beginners. The instrument is easy to play and is a great way to introduce yourself to electric violins.

The Bad

The main problem with the violin is the strings. In some cases, they don’t stay in tune for very long. You may need to stretch them out a bit or switch to higher-quality ones.

Also, the nut may be too high for some violinists and make the violin slightly less comfortable.

CEVN-1 Outfit Key Points

What We Like

      • A sturdy instrument
      • Fitted with all necessary components
      • A range of colors
      • Easy to play

What We Don’t Like

      • Strings could be better
      • The height of the nut might be inadequate

Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin with Ebony...

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4. Cecilio CVNAE-330 Acoustic-Electric Violin Outfit

Now we’ll do another Cecilio electric violin review.- the CVNAE-330.  This one is also an excellent cheap electric violin.

Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-330 Ebony Fitted Acoustic/Electric Violin in Antique...

Cecilio CVNAE-330 Acoustic Electric Violin Outfit

Cecilio Acoustic-Electric Violin Overview

The violin is also a full-sized, 4/4 model. Just like the previous violin, this item contains a tailpiece with four nickel-plated fine tuners.

The fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs are made of ebony, while the top is constructed of hand-carved solid spruce. The choice for the sides and back is hand-carved solid maple.

Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-330 Ebony Fitted Acoustic/Electric Violin in Antique...

Product Highlights

The manufacturer retained a reliable bow design. More specifically, the component is made of brazilwood and contains unbleached Mongolian horsehair. There’s also an additional bridge, along with an AUX cable and durable rosin.

The color options are also good and include pearl white, metal black, and antique varnish.

Cecilio CVNAE-330 Features

  • Full-sized model
  • Brazilwood bow with Mongolian horsehair
  • Extra bridge
  • A range of color options
  • Various materials, such as ebony, spruce, and maple

The Good

Nicely designed, affordable product

The strongest suit of the violin may be its design. The instrument has a stunning blue finish and features a stylish gloss.

The lightweight hard case is also a big plus. This piece comes with a backpack strap and a pocket.

Moreover, the sound is satisfactory and full even without an amp. Finally, this Cecilio violin is another model that’s easy to play and master.

Considering this, the Cecilio acoustic-electric violin might be the best cheap electric violin you can find in 2021.

The Bad

That said, this isn’t the best violin you can find. The quality of the sound is decent, but it could be vastly improved. The volume control and tone don’t change much, and you may need to adjust the pegs heavily to get proper tuning.

Cecilio CVNAE-330 Key Points

What We Like

      • Appealing design
      • Lightweight case
      • Good sound
      • Easy to play

What We Don’t Like

      • Potentially inappropriate tone and volume control
      • Pegs may need some adjustments

Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-330 Ebony Fitted Acoustic/Electric Violin in Antique...

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5. Kinglos Electric/Silent Violin Kit

The Kinglos electric/silent violin also features a striking design. This is a fashionable instrument with a lot to offer.

Kinglos 4/4 Black Grid Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent...

Kinglos Advanced Electric/Silent Violin Kit

Kinglos Electric/Silent Violin Kit Overview

Kinglos made this violin out of solid basswood, whereas the material for the fittings is ebony. The instrument comes with a VPU-300 pickup, and the setup is based on the standard for advanced violins. The model is powered by a 9V alkaline battery.

Kinglos 4/4 Black Grid Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent...

Other accessories include:
  • Rosin
  • Bow
  • Earphone
  • Advanced oblong case
  • Four-meter cable
  • Case
  • AUX cable
  • Extra bridge
  • Set of strings
  • Shoulder rest

Product Highlights

Kinglos made this electric violin more beautiful by applying patented color technology. The body is made of hand-carved solid spruce, and the carbon fiber tailpiece contains four detachable fine tuners.

The chin rest, pegs, and fingerboard are made of ebony.

Kinglos 4/4 Black Grid Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent...

Kinglos Violin Kit Features

  • Patented color technology
  • Hand-carved solid spruce body
  • Carbon fiber tailpiece
  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest
  • Detachable fine tuners

The Good

Elegance and silence

The violin is very silent. If you play it from your room, you won’t be heard in other areas of the house. The headphones also give you a rich, full sound. The violin is elegantly designed and is sure to make heads turn.

The pegs hold quite well, and the bridge is relatively easy to position.

The Bad

When it comes to drawbacks, there are two significant issues. First, the bow doesn’t feel like real horsehair, which is why you may want to replace it. The quality of the case could be a lot higher, too.

Kinglos Kit Key Points

What We Like

      • A silent instrument
      • Rich sound
      • Elegant design
      • Convenient bridge and pegs

What We Don’t Like

      • A different bow could prove to be better.
      • You may be better off with another case.

Kinglos 4/4 Black Grid Colored Solid Wood Advanced Electric/Silent...

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6. Tower Strings Electric Violin Outfit

This is an entry-level violin made by Tower Strings. But unlike the Tower Strings model, this one is just electric.

Tower Strings Electric Violin Outfit

Tower Strings Electric Violin Outfit

Tower Strings Electric Violin Outfit Overview

This is also a full-sized violin with plenty of useful accessories. The instrument is followed by a 1/8″ audio jack, polishing cloth, headphones, earbuds, 10ft music cable, and other handy items.

There’s also a built-in pickup and pre-amp. Also, the violin runs on a 9V battery.

Tower Strings Electric Violin Outfit

Product Highlights

The Tower Strings Electric Violin features some excellent materials. The body is constructed of solid maple, and the bow is made of brazilwood.

The fittings and fingerboard are 100% ebony, and the carbon composite tailpiece has built-in fine tuners. There’s also a one-year warranty on the violin and accessories.

Tower Strings Outfit Features

  • Solid maple body
  • Brazilwood bow
  • Ebony fingerboard and fittings
  • Carbon composite tailpiece
  • One-year warranty

The Good

Comfortable hand-carved bridge

Just like the previous Tower Strings model, this is also an excellent electric violin. There’s the hand-carved bridge that allows you to play the violin more easily and comfortably.

The case is also sturdy, and it can accommodate your violin, two bows, and other items in the storage compartment.

Furthermore, the instrument can use Fiddlerman, Prelude, or any other strings that suit you.

The Bad

The biggest issue with this item is the pegs. They tend to slip a bit, and you can over-tune them very easily.

Tower Strings Electric Violin Outfit

Tower Strings Electric Violin Key Points

What We Like

      • Cleverly designed bridge
      • Durable, capacious case
      • Can fit several wire types

What We Don’t Like

      • Adjusting the pegs can be tricky

Tower Strings Electric Violin Outfit

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7. Yamaha 4-String Electric Violin YEV-104

The Yamaha company makes outstanding instruments, and this YEV-104 electric violin is no exception. The model looks cool and sounds good for the price.

Yamaha 4-string Electric Violin YEV-104

Yamaha 4-string Electric Violin YEV-104

Yamaha YEV-104 4-String Electric Violin Overview

Unlike some other violins made by Yamaha, this one has four strings. The body has three types of wood: maple, mahogany, and spruce.

The fingerboard is made of rosewood, whereas the tailpiece uses synthetic resin. Lastly, the frame is made of walnut, and the tuning pegs feature ebony.

Yamaha 4-string Electric Violin YEV-104

Product Highlights

The combination of so many kinds of wood adds to the violin’s tone and organic appearance. The sound is decent even without an amp, and the wood of the frame resonates like an acoustic violin.

The Yamaha YEV-104 Electric Violin electric violin weighs a bit more than its acoustic counterparts, but the extra weight doesn’t get in the way of comfortable playing.

Yamaha YEV-104 Features

  • Four strings
  • Various types of wood
  • Good sound
  • Resonant frame
  • Some additional weight
  • Ideal case

The Good

Very easy to play and sounds pleasant

This violin is comfortable in the hands and easy to play. No unpleasant effects accompany your playing, and the violin almost sounds like an acoustic instrument.

The design is terrific due to the sculptural look of the frame. Apart from the minimal tuning of the strings, the instrument is ready to play right out of the box.

The Bad

This product is an outstanding option for beginners, but it isn’t the best electric violin for professionals. The violin simply isn’t meant for professional settings, such as a chamber or orchestra. As a result, the usage of the violin is a bit limited.

Yamaha Electric Violin Key Points

What We Like

      • A lot of comfort
      • An easy-to-play instrument
      • Good sound devoid of unpleasant effects
      • Great-looking design
      • Minimal tuning is required

What We Don’t Like

      • The usage is limited, and professional players should look for a different instrument

Yamaha 4-string Electric Violin YEV-104

Check Yamaha YEV-104 Electric Violin Availability >>

8. NS Design WAV 4-String Electric Violin

If you’re looking to explore the sphere of electronic performance, the outstandingly designed WAV 4-string electric violin from NS may have what you’re after. It’s a remarkable violin made by NS with many admirable properties.

NS Design WAV 4-string Electric Violin

NS Design WAV 4-string Electric Violin

NS Design WAV 4-String Electric Violin Overview

This WAV violin is a full-size modern aesthetic model with standard NS electric strings. This item is compatible with stranded-core and solid violin strings, but synthetic strings aren’t recommended.

The bridge is made of black-dyed maple, while the fingerboard is ebony and contains hand-graduated relief.

NS Design WAV 4-string Electric Violin

Product Highlights

This model features the polar pickup system. This means that it produces great natural sounds you can adjust with tone and volume controls.

The intonation is consistent owing to the high-quality fingerboard. On top of that, the maple body and neck provide visual grace and rich tones.

NS Design WAV 4-string Electric Violin

NS Design WAV Violin Features

  • Standard NS strings
  • Maple bridge
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Polar pickup system
  • Maple body and neck

The Good

Industry leading design and performance

We’ve already mentioned some of the finest aspects of this violin, but the instrument has a lot more to offer. First, the precision tuners are accurate, and you’ll rarely need to adjust them. The model is lightweight and well-balanced, providing comfort.

Next, the ergonomic shoulder rest makes for stable, fully-adjustable support. You can also set the string height to cater to your style.

Overall, the violin sounds excellent, and you can produce natural tones while playing it.

The Bad

Still, the violin lacks some components that would make it even more enticing. There are no frets, and the lack of a built-in pickup means that you’ll have to plug the violin into a pre-amp to use it with headphones. Alternatively, you can use an amplifier.

NS Design WAV 4-string Electric Violin

NS Design WAV Key Points

What We Like

      • Accurate precision tuners
      • Well-balanced, comfortable instrument
      • Ergonomic, convenient shoulder rest
      • Adjustable string height
      • Satisfying sound

What We Don’t Like

      • No frets
      • You need to use a pre-amp or an amplifier since there’s no built-in pickup

NS Design WAV 4-string Electric Violin

Check NS Design WAV Electric Violin Availability >>

9. Stingray WV-SVX5 Electric Violin

The Stingray WV-SVX5 violin is a progressive instrument that works well for many genres. It also has a distinct and easily recognizable look.

Wood Violins Stingray WV-SVX5/BK Electric Violin, Galaxy Black

Wood Violins Stingray 5-String Electric Violin – Black

Stingray WV-SVX5 Electric Violin Overview

This Stingray violin consists of five strings and a poplar body. The fingerboard, pegs, and chinrest are constructed of ebony, while the tailpiece is a lightweight precision composite.

This is a standard, full-sized violin and comes with all the necessary components, such as rosin and a string cloth.

Wood Violins Stingray WV-SVX5/BK Electric Violin, Galaxy Black

Product Highlight

The quality of this instrument is extremely high. The manufacturer, Wood Violins, has been in the business for more than twenty-five years, which means you can expect a top-grade design.

The tuners do their job and aren’t sticky or slippery at all. Moreover, the unique shape is a nice touch and should fit well in your hands and neck.

Stingray WV-SVX5 Electric Violin Features

  • Five strings
  • Poplar body
  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chinrest
  • Unique design
  • Effective pegs

The Good

Great sound and lightweight design

You’ll feel delightful while holding and playing this instrument. The look is impressive, and the sound is even better. The violin is ideal in any setting, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional violinist.

The entire construction is lightweight, and the poplar body provides you with a warm sound.

The Bad

This is the priciest item in our roundup, which is why it may be out of range for some people’s budgets. The violin doesn’t come with a bow, but you can use pretty much any model for this instrument.

Wood Stingray 5-String Violin Key Points

What We Like

      • Remarkable design
      • Outstanding performance in all settings
      • Lightweight construction
      • Warm sound

What We Don’t Like

      • Quite expensive
      • Bow not included

Wood Violins Stingray WV-SVX5/BK Electric Violin, Galaxy Black

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Electric Violin FAQs and Buyer’s Guide

Buying an electric violin can be a relatively large investment. Therefor you should put a reasonable amount of thought into getting the right instrument. Otherwise, you may be forced to return an item just days into your playing.

To make an informed decision, you can do yourself a great favor and consider the essential details. In this guide, we’ve covered the most popular questions to give you a much clearer picture of what to look for.

What Is the Best Electric Violin?

Determining the best electric violin isn’t easy. Finding the perfect model usually depends on your preferences, which is why you may find some instruments better than the others.


For instance, if you’re after a combination of modern materials, traditional design, and pleasant sound, the Glasser model may be the best electric violin for you. The instrument features a contemporary look, and the sound you can produce with the item is exceptional.


For instance, if you’re looking for a silent electric violin, the Kinglos Solid Wood might be your best option. If you feel that you’re making a lot of noise while playing your violin, you can just use the headphone jacks that come with the instrument and practice in silence.


Additionally, if you want to play an acoustic-electric violin, the Tower Strings Acoustic Electric piece is the way to go. The quality is slightly higher than the other acoustic-electric model on this list (Cecilio Acoustic-Electric Violin), and the item is affordable.

Are Electric Violins Good for Beginners?

While some good electric violins are suitable for beginners, novice players are usually better off with an acoustic fiddle.

This is because an electric violin can’t produce the same resonant sound as an acoustic fiddle. The feel is also very different.

Unamplified, electric violins produce muted tones that aren’t ideal for practicing. This is especially true if you want to perform in traditional environments and play classical music.

In that case, an acoustic violin is a far better option. Additionally, there’s no amplification required, making the setup much more straightforward.

Are Electric Violins Worth It?

Electric violins are a wise investment, but only in specific situations. If you’re looking to play contemporary genres, such as rock or jazz, the electric violin can provide you with an array of features that can expand your range within the genre.

For example, you can amplify your instrument with a jack-to-jack cable or practice silently with a headphone amp.

Moreover, you can take advantage of various loop pedals and effects to expand your sound range and options.

Can an Electric Violin Be Played Acoustically?

Electric violins can be played acoustically, but this feature is instrument-specific. We’ve covered two acoustic-electric violins in this article.

You can play them acoustically without plugging them in or use the necessary equipment to start the electric mode.

How Do I Choose an Electric Violin?

Choosing an electric violin largely depends on your preferences. Consider the following factors and make your decision accordingly.


You can find electric violins in a variety of sizes. Most commonly, electric fiddles come in 3/4 and 4/4 (or full size), and if you’re a normal-sized adult, you’ll need one of these sizes.

On the other hand, children typically need a 1/2-sized instrument.

Violin Size Chart


Any electric violin will require some accessories. However, the number of necessary extra items varies and depends on your experience level.

If you want the best electric violin for beginners, you’ll probably need one with more accessories to start playing. In particular, a good electric violin for beginner players should contain a bow, case, shoulder rest, and cable.

Rosin for the bow is also a great buy and combined with the other items, it will help you get started right away.

Conversely, advanced players won’t require many accessories. All they need is the violin itself and an extra case or bow.

Number of Strings

Generally, acoustic violins come with four strings, but electric violins don’t adhere to this rule. As a result, you can find five or six-string electric violins, in addition to models with four strings.

Typically, violinists tune their instruments to the notes G, D, A, and E from their top string. But if you add a fifth string in the mix, you can get a low C string apart from the standard four notes. This way, you can play more low notes with your violin and make it more versatile.

Materials and Design

The materials and design of your violin will affect the tone and playing experience. For instance, if you want a completely silent instrument that you can hear only slightly when turned on, you should go for a metal or plastic model. Contrariwise, a solid wood electric violin will resonate a bit more.

Violin Parts

Weight and Weight Distribution

Electric violins weigh more than acoustic fiddles. On average, the difference is about 3.5 ounces, but this depends on the individual violins and their manufacturing.

Just bear in mind that the heavier your violin is, the more likely you will experience tension and pain in your fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders.

Weight distribution is another significant aspect. The weight of your electric violin should be adequately distributed to save you the extra tension.

If not, and if the entire mass is at the violin’s head, the weight will be carried by the arm and left hand. In turn, you’ll have less flexibility and feel the instrument’s weight after just a few minutes of practicing.

Does an Electric Violin Need to Be Tuned?

Yes, you need to tune your electric violin, just like an acoustic one. This will help you play your notes more accurately and produce better sounds.

How Much Does a Good Electric Violin Cost?

There are good electric violins at all price ranges. However, your options open up considerably if your electric violin price is $600 or higher.

The instruments in this range and pricier models let you practice in silence and usually sound satisfying. Although this tier won’t give you creative paint finishes, professional tone control features, or deep extended range, it still delivers good tone.

How Hard Is It to Learn the Electric Violin?

In short, the electric violin is easier to play than an acoustic violin. The action of pushing down the strings is slightly more straightforward, but you may not notice the difference in some models. It’s also less physically demanding.

Nevertheless, electric violins aren’t the easier alternative if you’re looking to improve yourself as a player more efficiently. Electric violins lack the tonal palette of an acoustic fiddle, giving you an incomplete picture of your playing.

Also, you’re more likely to develop better technique with an acoustic violin. You may sound bad for some time, but overall, the acoustic violin will help you polish your skills better than an electric instrument.

Do Electric Violins Use Special Strings?

An electric violin doesn’t use unique strings. You can use any string type on your violin, including classical strings.

They’re compatible with electric violins, as long as they match the end of the string on your electric fiddle (e.g., loop end or ball end).

Our Final Top 3 Picks for the Best Electric Violins:

In Summary, What Is The Best Electric Violin For You?

Any one of the listed items would be a terrific buy, depending on your budget and needs.

But our overall best choice for an electric violin, all things considered, would have to be the Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin, an excellent choice for a modern electric violin – if you have the budget.

The Glasser violin combines a stylish look and outstanding tone features. This instrument produces clear, accurate tones you can play in any environment.

Additionally, you’re highly unlikely to see any open cracks and seams on the violin due to the scratch-resistant and durable body.

Secondly, we would have to choose the Tower Strings Acoustic-Electric Violin Outfit. It really hits that sweet spot that combines excellent build quality with a complete set of accessories at a reasonable price. Plus you can play it acoustically!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cheap electric violin, either of the two Cecilio models on our list is an excellent choice.

Both the Cecilio CEVN-1 Electric Violin Outfit and their Acoustic-Electric Violin Outfit produce solid tones and feature good materials, considering the price range. The instruments include all the accessories you need to start playing. Just perform some tuning, plug them in, and you’re good to go.

Editor’s Pick

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

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