Glasser Carbon Composite Violin Review
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Glasser Carbon Composite Violin Review

If you’re looking for an instrument that’s modern yet familiar at the same time, the Glasser Carbon Composite Violin may be exactly what you’re after.

The Glasser Carbon Violin at a Glance:


Glasser Carbon Composite Violin


4.6 out of 5 stars


Carbon fiber composite violin is easy to use


4.7 out of 5 stars


Strong and robust case resistant to scratches


4.5 out of 5 stars


Dark sounding voice with a unique projection


4.8 out of 5 stars


Affordable with high-quality accessories

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The Glasser Carbon Composite Violin’s design is unusual for many players as it feels like it’s a different instrument.

However, once you start playing, you’ll notice that you can play it without fear of damage regardless of the weather conditions or your location. And that’s why it’s one of the best choices for fiddling and outdoor performance.

The idea behind this unorthodox material choice is that wooden violins are too sensitive to use outside. With a carbon box that’s almost impossible to break or scratch, you can use your violin wherever you want.

Plus, if you’re a novice, you won’t have to spend too much time taking care of the wood or the instrument itself.


Who Is This Composite Violin Best Suited for?

The Glasser Carbon Composite violin is excellent for beginners and music teachers who often use their instruments and repeat the same moves and melodies.

Due to its resilience, this instrument is almost indestructible, making it an ideal starter violin in music schools, orchestras, and bands.

Obviously, seasoned musicians and professional violin soloists will most likely find this violin less interesting than violins from Holstein or the Ming Jian Zhu workshops.

However, if they’re traveling or want to play while camping, this instrument gives them more liberty than a traditional model.

On the other hand, violinists who want to use it for fiddling will see all the benefits of carbon composite. Even if they’re going to play outside during warm summer nights or in a bar full of people, a carbon violin won’t change its sound properties.

Glasser is a world leader in developing instruments using composite materials that make them far more resilient and durable than any wooden string instrument.

What are You Getting with the Glasser Violin?

You can buy only the Glasser Carbon Fiber violin or opt for an outfit upgrade that includes additional equipment. The outfit features a backpack violin case, Glasser 203SH fiberglass bow, tuner, rosin, and polishing cloth.

Instrument Features

Glasser violins are constructed to last as their body is weather and scratch-resistant. The fingerboard, pegs, and scroll are also made from carbon composite to make it more lightweight and well-balanced.

It’s a useful instrument for exercising string limits and intensive performances. It comes equipped with Larsen strings and Planetary pegs for tuning stability.

The carbon composite body doesn’t imitate wood, and designers made it in a red and black version. When compared to traditional wooden violins, the Glasser Carbon is a bit heavier at 565 grams.

It doesn’t influence the performance too much, although professional performers find it hard to get used to.

The sound of the Glasser Carbon Composite violin is one of its most essential aspects. Together with Larson strings, a carbon violin tends to have a deeper and darker sound than a traditional violin.

Glasser Carbon Composite Violin

Its projection has less impact on the audience, but since the higher registry’s sound quality is sharp, numerous performers successfully use it like a fiddler.

This instrument probably won’t be anyone’s first choice for a solo performance or concert due to its sound properties. However, violin novices will appreciate its sturdiness as it allows them to practice everywhere.

Glasser Violin Highlights

  • Revolutionary carbon body
  • Perfectly figured
  • Easy to carry around
  • Great for outdoor performances
  • Resilient and solid

Getting the Most Out of Glasser’s Carbon Fiber Violin

One of the Glasser Carbon Composite violin’s best features is that it requires just a few simple adjustments, and you can play it as soon as it arrives.

If you order it with any outfit, you’ll have everything ready to practice or perform and enjoy its dark and moody sound.

Key Points to Consider

What We Like

      • Correctly figured instrument
      • Minimal maintenance
      • No need for fine tuners
      • Scratch-proof body
      • Great for traditional fiddling


What We Don’t Like

      • Soundpost needs adjustments
      • A-string fades too quickly
      • A little stiff feeling


Comparable Violins Worth a Look

Fiddlerman Concert Violin Outfit

Fiddlerman Concert Violin Outfit

In the same price range as Glasser, you can find the Fiddlerman Concert Violin Outfit that features a lovely wood instrument.

Of course, if you’re looking for a violin, there are several options to consider. Still, the advantages of the Fiddlerman Concert Violin are its well-balanced structure and rich tonal palette.

If you’re looking for an excellent beginner’s violin for your children, the Fiddlerman Concert comes in various sizes to support them in developing various playing techniques from an early age.

Fiddlerman Artist Violin Outfit

Fiddlerman Artist Violin Outfit

The Artist Violin from Fiddlerman is slightly more expensive, and it also comes with a fully-featured outfit. It’s a forgiving instrument for open strings playing, and it’s a good starting point for any beginner.

Inevitably, there are some trade-offs like a soft case, lower bow quality, and mid-class strings, but they’re not that problematic.

Should you plan to use this violin as a fiddle or a second instrument, then it might be a solid choice.

Glasser AEX Acoustic Electric Violin

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

Premium quality acoustic-electric violins are not an easy find. The Glasser AEX Carbon combines an acoustic and electric violin the best and is equipped with a well-known Bartolini electronics amplifier.

Compared with the Glasser Carbon Composite model, this violin comes with a different coating system that gives a pearl matte finish. What’s more, you can choose from some distinct colors and have a violin that complements your every outfit.

Is the Glasser Violin Right for You?

In this Glasser Carbon Composite violin review, we’ve tried to show you all the benefits of owning a reliable carbon composite instrument.

Not only does it allow you to perform outside, in the rain, sun, or at the beach, but you can do so without fear of compromising the instrument’s structural integrity.

This sturdy violin comes fully equipped with Planetary pegs for stability and Larsen strings for a solid projection. It does take time to get used to playing it, mostly if you’ve always played on wooden instruments.

Lastly, due to its price, this violin is accessible to everyone from novice players who love traveling and want to take their violin wherever they go. It’s a low maintenance instrument with a modern look that will undoubtedly draw attention.

Glasser Carbon Composite Violin
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  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


Overall Score:

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