Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit Review

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Bunnel Pupil Clearance Student Violin Outfit (4/4)
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Bunnel Pupil Clearance Student Violin Outfit (4/4)
  • Highest-rated violins on Amazon and #1 rated customer service in the U.S.
  • The only stringed instruments backed by a lifetime warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Final assembly and setup performed by Kennedy Violins' professional luthiers in Washington State.
  • Completely setup with no assembly required. Ready to play the moment you open the case!
  • Handcrafted with solid maple and spruce tonewoods, 100% genuine ebony fittings, and oil finish. Outfit includes everything you need: oblong case, genuine Brazilwood bow, rosin, and strings. Case color may vary.

New violinist in the family? One never knows how serious a child’s interests may be—and often, we skimp on quality when buying that first instrument. But there’s reason inexpensive products are inexpensive; they typically must cut corners on key design features and materials to hit a price point.

The results can frustrate that budding musician. If the violin never holds its tune, they face a lot of stopping and starting, to learn when and how to tune it, or they may just blame themselves that they are not getting any better.

Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit Review

The solution, of course, is a better beginner violin. So, how do you invest the right money without over-investing if junior decides he’d rather play rock and roll…or the clarinet?

The Bunnel Pupil Violin is a great, middle of the road answer to this conundrum. Balancing price and quality, this violin will get that new player down the road more assuredly.

Highlights of the Bunnel Pupil Violin

This instrument may be more expensive but it is cosmetically pleasing and built to hold a tune, making it attractive and playable for those just starting out.

Made of solid maple and spruce, the chinrest is ebony as are its pegs and fret board. There are nice-looking inlaid purflings and four independent tuners for the strings—for more convenient fine tuning by little hands. The Bunnel Pupil Violin is an outfit that includes a Brazilwood bow, rosin, all in a sturdy case. The violin itself is about 7 lbs.; hefty but not too heavy for young players.

For newer players in growth-spurt-mode, you may wish to order the full-sized, 4/4 rather than the 3/4. But if the player is very young or petite, look up online how to measure, or better yet, consult the instructor and go with their opinion.

Most notably tone is rich and fills the ears, another key ingredient to engaging new players. The instrument comes with steel-core D’Addario-brand Prelude strings. The fine tuners we mentioned are stainless steel on the ebony tailpiece and on the composite tailpiece, there are four built-in, steel fine tuners as well.

When shopping, you may find that the Bunnel Pupil Violin outfit is available with a free setup. This is strongly recommended unless mom, dad, or other family member has the experience and patience to set up a new violin. Being able to take that violin out of the box is a huge plus for a Bunnel’s Pupil model. This does not mean you won’t need to tune and maintain the instrument. But it really makes those first moments more joyful when receiving the violin as a gift.


  • All-in-one outfit with violin, rest, bow, rosin, and case
  • Rich, warm sound pleasing to new players
  • Available with free set-up so it can be tuned and played out of the case


  • A bit more expensive than other beginner violins
  • Shoulder rest may be prone to breaking, depending upon player’s firmness
  • Straps and other accessories prone to fast wear-and-tear, not unusual for a value-priced instrument

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When buying online or at a music store, pick up an auto tuner—or chromatic tuner, as they are called. Going to a store is best, if you’re unacquainted. Have the salesperson walk you through how it is used for a violin and write down which string from thick to thin should be what note when tuning. Most any brand is fine; you needn’t spend a fortune for a tuner.

Fit and Finish: Bunnel Pupil Violin

Those with a real ear for music may find this instrument—despite its relatively rich sound—a bit thin or tinny. While this may be the strings, note that the construction and materials in a beginner instrument are simply never going to match up to violins costing hundreds or thousands of dollars more than this one. Instructors report this Bunnel can be tuned, and holds its tune, with ease.


Sale Bunnel Premier Clearance Student Violin Outfit 4/4 (Full) Size
Sale Bunnel Pupil Clearance Student Violin Outfit (4/4)
Sale Ricard Bunnel G2 Student Violin Outfit 4/4 (Full) Size


What a great starter-violin for beginners! Well-made, you won’t need to replace the Bunnel Pupil Violin as quickly as others. Your new player will enjoy the pleasures of a rich sound and an instrument that holds its tune.

Pay just a bit more than other entry-level options, and you’ll have a more motivated learner using an instrument more often and for a longer time.

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