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How Hard is it to Learn the Violin?

Like any other instrument, it takes time to learn how to play the violin. But Is it really a very difficult instrument to play?
How Hard is it to Learn the Violin?

Is it hard to learn the violin?

The violin can make beautiful music in the hands of a well experienced and talented player, but it takes lots of practice and consistency to reach that level. Some even consider it the most difficult musical instrument to play. But is it?

Just how hard is it to play the violin?

Learning to play the violin

Like any other instrument, it takes time to learn how to play the violin. Many new violin students who start with the best of intentions, get discouraged during the early stages of learning.

The resulting decision to not continue comes from believing it’s too hard to learn to play, but most of those who say that are those who gave up easily.

Playing the violin may be hard to learn, but it’s certainly not impossible, and the end results of the effort can be beautiful. With perseverance, practice and a teacher, you can learn how to play it. The degree of difficulty will depend on various factors such as:

Natural talent

Some people have a natural-born talent for playing musical instruments more easily than others. This enables them to easily understand the fundamentals of music, as well as more complicated things about it.

Passion or drive

Some people may have natural talent for music but without the drive or passion for it, they won’t be able to excel at playing the violin. Having the passion for it makes people do whatever they can just to learn how to play their instrument.

Way of instruction

People learn differently and at different speeds. It is important to find the best teacher that will work for you. Violin teachers may have their own style in teaching, which may work better on other students. There are also other videos that you can watch and learn from.

Tips on how to play the violin

In order to really play the violin, you need to make sure that you practice. Here are a few things to keep in mind while learning to play the violin.

Practice your posture

Violin Posture

While playing the violin, you have to practice various postures in order to familiarize your body with it. One of the first things you should practice is to hold the violin with your chin and shoulder while your left hand is free to move into the playing position. You should also practice how to grip your bow.

Improve your hand coordination

Playing the violin requires the use of both the right and left hand. You have to simultaneously use both hands to play properly and it can be frustrating if you don’t.

To improve on your hand coordination, you can bow slowly at first while changing from one note to another. Then you can speed up as you become more comfortable.

Master bowing technique

In order to produce a good sound, you need to develop a good bowing technique. The tone is affected by the pressure on your bow, the speed you use and the angle of your bow.

It can be difficult to see how you use the bow so try using a mirror to see if it is really parallel to the bridge.

You can also try to add or lessen the pressure, and change the angle and your speed to find the right way to use your bow. Having a good bow to work with also makes the task easier.

Keep the violin in tune

One of the best things you can do for yourself while learning how to play the violin is to keep it in tune so that you can easily determine whether you are playing right or not. Checking and tuning it needs to be done every time you use your violin.

Practice not looking at the violin

Look at the experts at playing violin and you will see that they do not look at their instrument. This is not only because they can, but because it can be difficult to look at the violin while reading your sheet music. This is why you should start as early as possible to practice not looking at your violin.

Believe in yourself

As a beginner, it may seem very difficult to play the violin. It can feel frustrating but you have to believe in yourself and practice. It takes time and a lot of hard work to master playing the violin, but it can be done.


Learning to play the violin is not that easy but it is also not impossible. It just takes hard work, time, dedication and practice. You also need to find the right teacher whom you can learn from. Lastly, you also have to believe in yourself that you can do it if you just don’t give up.

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