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Aileen Violin Outfit Review [Solid Wood Ebony Fitted with Case]

In our Aileen Advanced Violin Outfit review, we find out if the instrument is worth buying, or if there are better violins at the same price point.

Aileen Violin Outfit Review

The Aileen Violin Outfit at a glance:

Aileen Solidwood Ebony Violin with D'Addario Strings, Case, Rosin,...

Aileen Advanced Violin Outfit

Aileen Solid Wood Violin Outfit Review: Does It Deliver Good Value?

The first thing that strikes most about the Aileen Advanced Model Solid Wood Violin is the deep, rich color on the outside.

It’s an exquisitely crafted violin, but does the Aileen Violin offer more than just a pretty design? After all, it doesn’t matter how good an instrument looks if it doesn’t play well.

Below we’ll review Aileen’s solid wood violin outfit with case to find out. If you’re wondering, by the way, an “outfit” is simply a package deal of sorts meaning that the violin comes with more than just the violin itself.

In this case, the outfit includes a violin, bow, case, rosin, removable finger position sticker, and shoulder rest.

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Aileen Solidwood Ebony Violin with D'Addario Strings, Case, Rosin,...

About Aileen Music

Aileen Music has been making quality instruments for a quarter of a century. Their goal is to provide high-quality instruments at a rate that everyone can afford. They don’t believe that your musical journey should be cut short because of lack of funds.

In the case of their solid wood ebony fitted violins, this aim for affordable quality shines through in a number of ways including:

Features of the Aileen Violin Ebony Fitted Violin Outfit

Quality Craftsmanship

The neck is of Aileen Music violins is handcrafted from maple. The fingerboard, chinrest, and pegs are made of ebony. The tailpiece is alloy with four fine tuners built in.

This is a quality piece of craftsmanship that will last well. It’s perfect for producing reliable tones and practicing on.

The advanced model is currently only available in it’s full 4/4 size.

Aileen Solidwood Ebony Violin with D'Addario Strings, Case, Rosin,...

What Do Customers Think of the Aileen Advanced Violin Outfit?

Product Variations

The Aileen VG103 Violin

The VG103 entry level version, which is much less expensive, comes in four sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full. You may find the sizing chart provided from the company useful in choosing the best possible size for your desired user.

Aileen Solidwood Ebony Kids Students Beginners Violin Rental Shop...

The Aileen VG001-HPM Violin

The lesser VG001-HPM model is only available in full-size:

Violin 4/4 Full Size Handcrafted Vintage Violin with Case, Rosin,...

The Aileen AVL-231 Is A Complete Violin Package

Aileen Solidwood Ebony Violin with D'Addario Strings, Case, Rosin,...

In addition to a beautiful violin, you also get a bow, the hard-bodied case, a fingerboard sticker that makes it easy to learn finger positions, a shoulder rest, and rosin—everything that you need to get started.

An Outstanding Price Tag

What really sets this Aileen’s solid wood ebony fitted violin outfit apart from similar options within its class is the price. It’s incredibly reasonably priced when you consider all that’s included in your purchase. It should be noted, though, that Aileen doesn’t set their violins up before shipping.

Aileen Solidwood Ebony Violin with D'Addario Strings, Case, Rosin,...

There are two reasons for this. First, it reduces the risk of the instrument being damaged in transit. Second, it reduces overall costs, and those savings are passed on to you.

Aileen doesn’t list information about any guarantees that they may offer, but they are well-known for offering excellent customer service. Should there be a manufacturer’s defect, we feel confident that they will be happy to replace the violin or refund your money.

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How does the Aileen Violin sound?

It can take a few tries to get it properly tuned but, once you do, you’ll love playing an Aileen’s violin. The tones produced are rich and warm with an excellent frequency response when it comes to the highs and lows. Overall, the sound produced is rich and well-balanced, especially considering the low price being paid.

What’s the build quality like?

The solid woods utilized in this violin include maple for the back and sides, spruce for the top, and ebony for the fingerboard and pegs. This results in solid build quality. If looked after properly, this instrument could easily last generations.

The wood used is also finished for an even, smooth feel. Frequently with cheaper models, varnish is applied in a slapdash manner, but that’s not the case here at all. This is a good little violin for a beginner, especially if your budget is strained.

Aileen Solidwood Ebony Violin with D'Addario Strings, Case, Rosin,...

Pros and Cons

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Aileen Solid Wood Violin Outfit Review

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What We Like

      • Wonderful appearance
      • Comes with everything that you need to get started
      • Made from maple, spruce, and ebony
      • Produces consistent notes
      • Excellent price
      • Comes in four sizes


What We Don’t Like

      • Not set up for you, so plan a visit to your music shop before playing
      • Can be difficult to tune


Aileen Solidwood Ebony Violin with D'Addario Strings, Case, Rosin,...

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The Verdict: Is the Aileen Violin Outfit more than just pretty?

Overall, the Aileen violin is a good buy for a beginner on a budget. It’s a reliable instrument that produces warm notes. Will it rival a Stradivarius? Of course not, this is a budget model, but it plays more than well enough for a beginner.

Okay, so, is this something that you should consider buying? There are better violins on the market, but none that come in at under $150. As a result, Aileen’s solid wood ebony violin outfit with case gets our vote as one of the best budget buys.

If you’re still not convinced about this being the right model for you, you might be interested in reading more about choosing the best violins for a beginner.

Aileen Solidwood Ebony Violin with D'Addario Strings, Case, Rosin,...

What Do Aileen Violin Outfit Owners Think? >>

  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


Overall Score:


Manufacturer Info:

Website: http://aileenmusic.com/

About: Providing Music Instruments Since 1993. Aileen’s founders began collecting and trading high quality musical instruments, and have since expanded the business to the United States, China, Turkey, Australia and all across the globe.

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