Where to Buy a Violin

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Places Where You Can Buy A Violin Are you in the market for your child’s first violin, and wondering where to find the best deals on student violins? Obviously, you aren’t ready … Read More

How to Buy a Violin

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Helpful Tips for Buying a Violin Does your child want to learn a musical instrument, and possibly considering the violin? If so, you may be wondering what to look for in a … Read More

8 of the World’s Most Famous Violinists

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Drawing Inspiration From Famous Violin Players Every musician, no matter what their level, has other musicians that they are inspired by. In the world of the violin, there are famous violinists going … Read More

The Best Violin Brand for You

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Quick Links: What is the Best Violin Brand? Violin selection Best Violin Brands by Name Yamaha Violins Cremona Violins Stentor Violins Violin Sizes Acoustic vs. Electric Violins Conclusion What is the Best … Read More

The Best Violin Strings for Beginners

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Great Strings for Violin, and Fiddle Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for years, your violin strings will wear out. Therefor it’s good to know where you can get a … Read More

How Hard is it to Learn the Violin?

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Is it hard to learn the violin? The violin can make beautiful music in the hands of a well experienced and talented player, but it takes lots of practice and consistency to … Read More

What Does A Hygrometer Do?

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What is a hygrometer and what does it do? Do you know how it feels to be in a dry desert? Now compare that with what you feel when it’s hot and … Read More

What Does Philharmonic Mean?

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You may have heard the word, but what does it mean? Some of us may not be very well informed about the different terms used in relation to classical music. One of … Read More

Fiddle vs. Violin: What’s the Difference?

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Is There a Difference? The fiddle and the violin are both 4- or 5-stringed bowed musical instruments. They are essentially the same, but they may also have subtle differences with the instrument … Read More

Top 10 Blogs for Violin Aficionados


The Best Violin Blogs Ask any violinist why they got started on the violin, and the most common answer is likely that a parent had them take lessons when they were children. … Read More

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